Cooking Oil Test

OleoTest. A simple, fast and accurate method to determine if the cooking oil needs replacement


OleoTest measures the Polar Compounds in the oil, the percentage of which is an indicator of the oil’ quality. This method is

proven to be more efficient and accurate compared to older Oil Testing methods, such as measuring the free fatty acids or using testing strips.

Regular Oil Testing maximizes the oil’s lifespan, maintains the quality of the food and protects your customers’ health.




1. Add some cooking oil

2. Shake

3. Watch the colour

4. Note the results

It’s as simple as that! You instantly get an accurate measurement of the oil’s quality, without training or expensive devices that need calibration and maintenance!

This test is suitable for kitchens and food preparation areas.

Watch a video presentation on how to use OleoTest

Oleo Test brochure in 3 languages

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