Microorganism Detection Tests

In cooperation with EnZtek, we offer professional Colormetric Screening Tests for the Detection of Total Aerobic Organisms or Gram Negative Bacteria on surfaces like work benches or directly on food surfaces.

The tests are simple, without demanding any scientific knowledge or trained staff to use.

Sample use of the Tests on a Food Surface and a possible bacteria nest

Test for the Detection on Total Aerobic Organisms on surfaces

Bacteria are responsible for the majority of food borne illnesses, and food spoilage, caused by improper cleaning and sanitation.

The traditional method for detection of these bacteria is to culture for at least 24 to 48 hours, and then determine whether the food product had been contaminated at the time the sample was obtained.

The EnZquik Colormetric Screening Test for Total Organisms does this in 20 minutes.

The Total Organisms test is an enzyme detection system consisting of synthetic substrates which, in the presence of specific enzymes, cause a chemical reaction. This reaction, when coupled with a developer, causes a color reaction to occur directly on the tip of the test swab.

Tests for the Detection of Gram Negative Bacteria

The EnZquik Colormetric Screening Test For Gram Negative Aerobic Bacteria, is a rapid screening test for Gram Negative microorganisms on common surfaces and food surfaces.

It works similar to the Total Organisms Test above and it produces results in 20 minutes as well.

It constitutes the first line of defense against bacterial contamination prior to the packaging or shipment of the product.

Fluorometry Tests

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