Allergen Detection

Allergen Detection

Gea Solutions, in cooperation with Romer Labs, offers a wide variety of Rapid Tests for the detection, analysis and identification of Allergens.

food allergy in an immune response to a food allergen, which the body mistakenly perceives as harmful. Food allergies affect 1-3% of the entire population and 5-8% of the children, constituting an important health problem in modern society. Even minor exposure to a food allergen in the milligram range can cause symptoms from mild skin rashes to a fatal anaphylactic shock.

Despite that any food can provoke an allergic reaction, the vast majority of documented incidents are caused by gluten containing cereals, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans, milk and lactose, nuts, while other allergens, like mustard, sesame, celery, molluscs and lupines may be more of regional importance. Therefore, legislation in many areas of the world demand, that these ingredients have to be labeled on food products independent of their concentration.

Allergens might be present as food ingredients but even more dangerous is their unexpected appearance via cross-contaminations during the production process. So, testing needs to be done, not only for labeling compliance by the authorities, but also for on-site control of supplies and finished products by the manufacturer. Romer Labs offers an extensive range of Allergen Test Kitsfor laboraty-based, as well as for on-site testing.

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