GEA Solutions, for the Modern Industry.

Our company was established  in 2004 by professionals with over a decade of experience in various fields of industrial activity, such as packaging, plastic products, chemicals, food , veterinary etc. Everyone at Gea Solutions Ltd is a self-motivated professional with in-depth technical background and continuous training in both technical matters, as well as Sales & Marketing.

This knowledge and constant observation for the needs of today’s market and customers, allows us to win our customers while maintaining a peak level of SERVICE.

Our guiding vision for the future, is:

  • the benefit of complete, QUALITATIVELY superior services and products

  • 25% as minimum market share for every product,

  • the full coverage of Greece, Cyprus and the neighbouring Balkan countries and

  • the full utilisation of new technologies.

We have shaped as a philosophy of daily function:

  • the approach of each and every customer with decisiveness and cooperative spirit for the supplying
    of solutions, everywhere, anytime and in every way possible,

  • the open and fertile cooperation with our suppliers,

All of the above allows us to establish and maintain longtime relationships with our customers, based on mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Every member and business unit at GEA SOLUTIONS LTD is constantly at your disposal for anything you might need.

Building on trust.