GMO Detection

GMO Detection

In the worldwide market today, about 90% of the soybeans available, 80% of the corn crops, 70% of the rapeseed / canola acreage and 50% of cottonseeds, fall within the GMOcategory (Genetically Mutated Organisms).

The Genetic Mutation of important agricultural products is common in modern agriculture, and aims to enhance the plants with attributes like insect and herbicide tolerance.

The plants and products that have undergone such modifications fall within this category. For the Detection of GMO, seeds or plant tissue can be used, since the modified DNA that has been inserted into the plant can be detected in all of its cells.

GMO Detection can be accomplished by using ELISA or Lateral Flow Rapid Tests, which instantly detect the protein produced by the modified DNA within the plant, or by the PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction) Method, which can only be performed by specialized laboratories.

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