Fish and Seafood Testing

We offer Tests for the Detection of Bacteria in fresh marine fish, as well as Tests for the detection of Histamine in fish and other marine products.

FASTTM Fish Test

The test detects the level of spoilage bacteria in fresh marine fish. The level of bacteria in fresh fish correspond with the remaining shelf life of the fish. The test is easy to use.

AgraQuant® Histamine Rapid Test

Quantitation Range: 3 – 300 ppm
No. of Tests in pack: 48

Histamine is an allergen arising from the decomposition of histidine, a protein amino acid developed by the growing bacteria in fish and seafood products. The presence of histamine in fishery products (above 50 ppm) is indicative of the decomposition of the fish and it means the product should not be consumed in order to avoid serious health problems.

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