Detection of Pathogens on Surfaces

Path-Chek Hygiene Pathogen Systems

Rapid Tests for the Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria on work surfaces or processing equipment. High levels of sensitivity (<1 cfu per 10cm2) and specificity:

  • compliant with the requirements of ISO 18593:2004(e)
  • meets the requirements of usda/fsis and us fda testing methods
  • pre-moistened swabs increase recovery from wet and dry surfaces, neutralises residual detergents and sanitising agents and preserves organisms
  • specific pathogen detection broth available for Listeria, Coliforms amd Salmonella
  • convenient and easy-to-use
  • no need to take incubation media into production area

Sample Test Results


Positive / Negative


Positive / Negative


Positive / Negative

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