Mycotoxin Detection

Mycotoxin Detection

Gea Solutions, in cooperation with Romer Labs, offers a wide variety of products for the detection, analysis and identification of Mycotoxins in food and feed.

Many species of fungi can produce a vast number of different mycotoxins. The presence of these toxins in food and feed can be of major concern in food and feed safety.

In general, if elevated levels of mycotoxins are present, toxic, mutagenic and teratogenic effects can be found and symptoms such as skin irritation, immune suppression, birth defects, neuro-toxicity and death can be observed. Depending on the concentration, the effects can chronic or acute.

Mycotoxins are typically highly resistant to temperature and processing. Therefore, destruction during conventional food or feed production does not occur and they can also be found in finished, processed products. For a proper risk management, analytical procedures to find and identify the mycotoxins are necessary. Depending on the intended use, technologies and products are available for field or on-site use to official reference testing.

Romer Labs offers a wide range of Mycotoxin Solutions, such as cleanup columns and reference materials for reference testing and complete range of test kits for rapid testing.

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